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Match your medications
to YOUR needs

The standard dosage doesn’t work for everyone. Let our specialists compound a CUSTOM PRESCRIPTION that fits you just right.

Our family-owned independent pharmacy is free to customize meds just for you

Because we're independent and have the expertise, you can stop in to consult with our pharmacist for custom prescription compounding. You can also get prescription flavoring to ease the taking of harshly flavored drugs. Plus, we welcome your prescription refills and transfers.

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Trust your health to our custom prescription compounding specialists

We're happy to discuss your needs and create the medication balance that works best with your own individual body.

  • Custom prescription compounding
  • Prescription transfers
  • Prescription refills
  • Prescription flavoring
  • Pharmacist consultations
  • Generic drugs available
  • Flu shots


Prescription bag

Compound Prescriptions
Generic Drugs Available
Most Insurance Plans &
Medicare Welcome


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